The UFO Witness Declaration - Video (2+ hours)

The UFO Witness Declaration - Video (2+ hours)

How Bashar will become more directly involved in the politics of Disclosure and Contact in 2012 and beyond. Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.* Workshop Handout: The UFO Witness Declaration

Q&A Includes:

Is the 6th Hybrid Race "The Wanderers"?
Am I interacting with any of these hybrid races?
Do the Earth chakra points relate to where the hybrid children will settle?
Do I have any hybrid children?
How many alien and ET civilizations are currently above our planet?
Is my brother a hybrid?
Can I get my birth eye color back?
Can you describe what is happening on your end of the transmission?
Among your people, do you have crimes?
What does the 13th step signify?
Are you birthed as an infant?
Are personal beliefs and mass agreements equally easy to change?
About Bashar's sculptures.
How long will you be above Sedona?
Can you tell me more about the orb I saw in Sedona?
How can we best teach our children?
Why was I in a car accident?
Could you explain about the human meridian system?
What is the "Big Bang" from your perspective?
What is your opinion of "The Course of Miracles"?
Are the long skulled people The Progenitors?
Who built the pyramids?
Did the Annuaki enslave people to make gold?
What is RH Negative blood?
What are the Grey's purpose?
How were the stones moved for the pyramids?
What function did the Egyptian hothors do?
Do I have Orion and Saturn connections?
Has your civilization evolved past the point of finding your highest excitement?
Are the moon landings real?
What if following my highest excitement steps on others' toes?

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The UFO Witness Declaration - Video (2+ hours)

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