The Story Tree - Audio Only (2 hours)

The Story Tree - Audio Only (2 hours)

Learn to rewrite your own story in ways that will allow you to live your life in a magical way, through positive synchronicity. With this valuable and powerful technique, Bashar shows you how to instantly change the ideas, stories, definitions, and beliefs that create your life, replacing them with the narrative you prefer. Are you ready to switch to a more exciting plot?

Session Date: June 18, 2016

Location: Los Angeles

Session Length: 2 hours

Q&A includes: 

• I enjoy watching scary movies for kids. How can fear be used as a tool? 

• My eyes have been blinking uncontrollably. How do I fix it? 

• Can you help me with my phobia about driving on a freeway?
• I’m a singer and songwriter and I’m afraid to get my songs out.  Can you help me?

• I had a dream of a spinning shape. I think it’s a tesseract. What was it? 

• I had a dream of coloring in the top of the Mayan Calendar. Is it related to time? 

• I’m working in the risk management field. It’s not exciting to me. I want to travel but I have two kids and a mortgage.

• Is the central contact crystal going to bring together everyone? Can it happen in the third dimension? 
• I have had 30 surgeries. How can I heal myself and then help others? 

• I have a lot of creative talents. What direction should I go in?

• Is there any message from the musician "Prince", who was my friend?

• I moved here to pursue a career in acting. Am I on the right path? 

• How can I trust if I can act on my highest excitement, it will work out? 

• Do we all have a support group that are non-physical that we can lean on?

• I had a conversation with the planet I’m from. Where is it? 

• Do you have a question for me? 

• I’ve noticed that people ask what stars they are from. Which one am I connected to?

• Sleep doesn’t always come easy to me.  Can you help?

• Was the recent shooting in Orlando the terror attack you predicted? 

• Could the Story Tree help people get over PTSD?

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The Story Tree - Audio Only (2 hours)

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