The Science of Spirit - What is God?  - Video (2 + hours)

The Science of Spirit - What is God? - Video (2 + hours)

In The Science of Spirit, Bashar discusses the true nature of God and its true relationship to science. He explores the relationship between God and science in Earth culture and gives us new insights and ideas about using science and spirituality in empowering new ways. He will also revisit the AAA formula of Acknowledgment, Acceptance, and Allowance in the context of the window of discovery beginning in 2018, offering new ways to help propel and accelerate ourselves in these transformational times.

Q and A includes:
Do you have any recommendations of a book or other messages for me? Has first contact been delayed and why? Do you have any predictions on Hong Kong and China? How can I reawaken my channeling abilities? How does hypnosis work as entertainment? I experienced a great release in the King's chamber in Egypt. Could you comment? I am going to be in Machu Pichu this month, do you have any tips for me? I had an experience with a Shaman. Could you elaborate more on what happened? I have a healing energy that I am able to give to others. Where can I take this? What is your definition of intuition? How can I redefine my relationship to money? Whose ship have I been on? What is unconditional love? If we are resisting something in our lives does it mean we are insistent? Is everyone a reflection of me? How can I get over my anxiety? How can I deepen my connection with myself? How do you say hello in your language? Bashar discusses “spells”. Can you speak on excitement and addiction? Are our cultural beliefs keeping from choosing the reality we prefer? Why do I sometimes feel like I am not human? Is technology a help or a hindrance? How can I use my heightened sense of smell in a positive way instead of just being something unpleasant? Can you share with us information about a new civilization that we have never heard about before? Are the Norse Gods the Anunnaki? Can you tell me the next winning numbers of the Powerball jackpot if I can use the money to benefit mankind? Surrender is giving into the control you already have. Could you please elaborate on this statement? Bashar speaks on random events and control. What is your definition of self defeat?

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The Science of Spirit - What is God?  - Video (2 + hours)

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