The Passion Principle - Video (2+ hours)

The Passion Principle - Video (2+ hours)

June 21, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA

The complete "Acting on Your Passion" formula. This tool, when used precisely and holistically , will deliver the most amazing life changing results!

Q&A Includes:

I find it hard sometimes to think that I could even imagine my greatest joy here on Earth.
Can you share any highlights from your current society to help us expand our collective excitement?
How will our children be, our families, our society in our future?
Questioner has a fear of public speaking.
Just as Essassani has its Oversoul with the three parts, does All That have its own unique perspective of itself?
Is the state of lucidity when the dreamer recognizes that all it was previously experiencing is constituted of itself?
Fear and guilt – the degree to which they're experienced, does that link to the degree that there is resistance with a belief?
What role does surrender play into this rather than choosing to connect with a higher frequency?
I've had dreams with golden light and it feels like that's who I and others are really made of.
Are the theories on the TV series Ancient Aliens true?
I have two passions in life but one of them gives me obstacles.
What would be the difference to go for the path of least resistance?
What is the signature phone number of the Ya'yel?
Is there a way I can fly in my physical reality?
Bashar speaks on stones and shifting realities.
Why do I wake up more exhausted than when I went to sleep?
How can I overcome my fear?
How can I go to the template reality in dreamtime?
How can we not be our true selves if we are All That Is who is everything.
I have a childhood connection to an entity named Philip Kavan. Can you tell me more?
Is every single individual in your civilization a part of the Epison, Epiphany and Eclipse oversoul?
Can the work I do help people through the Merkaba?
What is the cosmic significance of diamonds?

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The Passion Principle - Video (2+ hours)

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