The Parallelogram - Video (4 hours)

The Parallelogram - Video (4 hours)

Bashar explores the concept of parallel realities and connecting to and downloading information from a variety or parallel reality experiences.

Q&A Includes:

What are the different levels of existence?
Will Planet X and Niburu bring about destruction?
Will Is see my deceased brother again? Does he hear me when I talk about him?
How many parallel lives do I have at this exact moment?
How many counterparts have I encountered physically in my life time?
Do I have any hybrid children?
Can I take a ride on your ship?
What do I do when friends of mine resonate with different pasts or parallel realities than I do?
Is there some connection between to Dogon people and Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Meritaten?
Can my hybrid children see through my eyes?
Do I have a Cryptic Hybrid child?
Is it possible to have simultaneous physical realities in the same time frame?
Why do I find it difficult to return from dream-time?
Can you comment on the amount of UFOs that I see in dreams?
Why do I "freak out" when I see ETs in my dreams?
Am I a hybrid?
Is the history of the earth "real" reality?
Is it necessary to remember dreams?
How can we connect to our past lives?
How is water representative of emotion?
What is Unconditional Love?
Have I met my counterparts?
Are Merpeople real?
How can I alleviate my fear of sharks?
What's the key to understanding whale songs?
How can we increase our 10% brain use?
Bashar speaks on 40 cycle gamma frequency.
Can you speak on Breatharianism?
What do repeating numbers in my reality mean?
How can I overcome my resistance to the unexpected?
What is manifestation?
Is there a permission slip to gain more lucidity in my dreams?
What is the paralysis I feel upon awakening from dream time?
In detoxing, how can one eliminate sulfur residue?
What are places with gravitational anomalies like the Santa Cruz mystery spot and Oregon Vortex?
What are the gateways carved in solid stone in Peru?
Bashar discusses the psychomanteum.
What is the intersection between parallel realities?
Does the non physical part of me need to be grounded?
Can you speak on my connection with The Hathors and faeries?
Why do I wake up with a feeling that I am missing something?
What is the energetic reason for the pain in my shoulder?
Could you speak on the spiritual energy of acts of kindness?
Can you comment on the spiritual energy of laughter?
Is the experience of beauty unique to humanity?
Why are there different experiences of densities?
How can I become more in alignment with my higher self?
Why do I chose doubt?
One time I had an experience of looking into a Kaliedescope of energy.
Could you comment on that?
Are we of the same oversoul?
Bashar speaks on creation as a trinity.
Can you speak on tachyons and their containment in glass?
Can you speak on activating communication through the oversoul?
Can you tell me about my Arcturian and Venutian connections?
Can you speak on Pleadian Sirian connections?
Did Jesus Christ have a Sirian connection?
Could you comment on "Ama"?

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The Parallelogram - Video (4 hours)

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