The Awakening - Video (2+ hours)

The Awakening - Video (2+ hours)

June 20, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA

Explore lucid dreaming with Bashar in a more precise way than ever before. Activate a special new permission slip to enhance your ability to become lucid in your night and day dreams!

Q&A Includes:

Recently there was some research from Mexico where they found that the influence of the Spanish didn't impact their DNA. How did that happen?
From our future, what can we learn from our DNA?
Did I make contact with a Sasquatch being?
If we have contact experiences, can we go from a lucid dream to past dream memories or more specifically those contact memories?
Is there a specific ET group that my family is connected to?
Why do sexual fetishes exist and what is their purpose?
Edward Leedskalnin ("Coral Castle") - did he use the technology that the Egyptians used?
Why did I experience paranormal things as a child, like my name being called?
Am I also related to the Ya'yel like my brother?
How can I hone my channeling skills?
Do you pick your mates and kids ahead of time?
I have to take a lot of narcotics due to a back injury. Does that block me in my life?
What makes the rings of Saturn?
Is it EMVs or are creatures making them?
How serious is the radiation situation in Japan?
There have been stories about humanoids from Venus.
Have they interacted with people on Earth?
Do you know the origin of the two orange sphere shapes recently seen in Orange County?
Bashar speaks on Fibonacci spirals.
Is it better to wake up with the sun or follow your own rhythm?
When you're dreaming, are you in the reality that you can lay the blueprint for realities you want to experience?
Why do I get headaches from light?
Do you poo on Essassani?
Can I become a better singer like I was in a dream?
Does pain play a part in our challenge of dealing with limitation? Is there a point to pain?
It seems like humans fail to experiment. Why are we so savage? Did your people have to go through this type of transformation?
What is it that you are working on at this time?

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The Awakening - Video (2+ hours)

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