The Art of Art  - Video (2 hours)

The Art of Art - Video (2 hours)

Bashar shares a permission slip and activities for the purpose of expanding your perspective and your creativity, which will be an important state of being for you for the things to come, in the days, months and years ahead. Have fun playing with your creativity and your perspectives, allowing you to generate that state of being and synchronicity more easily!

Q&A includes:

• My life is better then before, but I'm afraid it will stop. Can you help?
• How does your society laugh with one another?
• Who were the beings in my dream who encouraged me?
• What is the significance on me of the full moon?
• How does the time continuum work?
• Is everyone here for a reason?
• About the Galactic Federation and the Council of Elders – Does each galaxy have its own Federation or Council?
• How can I creat art that will make money?
• What are the pros and cons of using marijuana for artistic creation?
• Do minutes and miles directly relate to the moon? Who created these measurements?
• Isn't “Not looking where you don't want to go” evading? How do you know the difference?
• I'm fighting a force that says I can't be an artist. Can you offer guidance?
• How can we explore art with the idea of not expecting reciprocity?
• How can I support my family and still create art?

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The Art of Art  - Video (2 hours)

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