The 33rd Parallel - Video (4 hours)

The 33rd Parallel - Video (4 hours)

An introduction to the principles of parallel incarnations by Willa Hillicrissing, a parallel reality specialist from 700 years in our future.

Q&A Includes:

I'm a past-life regression therapist. If all time exists now, how can I help people help themselves in the now?
What would you say to people who want spaceships to take them away?
Is Bashar physical?
What are some examples of Bashar's highest excitement?
What is your perspective on Ascended Masters and Christ Consciousness?
Your ship is above balancing out the Earth's energy. You would have to assume that we are very out of balance for that to be necessary!
What is the purpose chemtrails?
Could you give your perspective on Jesus?
Getting to the bottom of a "Pain in my neck".
Is integration about trusting?
How can we embrace self love?
Are all the 33rd Parallel Cryptics female?
What are their appearances?
Where do the cryptics live on the planet?
Did the cryptics come out of the hybridization program?
Am I related genetically to my friend's hybrid son?
Exploring more about Willa's PIN chart.
Bashar speaks on vortices and Upheaval Dome, Utah.
Is Glastonbury, England a good place to set up a hybrid community?
I'm not hearing all the messages by guides send me. Is there something wrong with my hearing?
From your perspective, how do you perceive Kundalini in the human form?
How can one not unintentionally hurt others?
What happens to the frames in the filmstrip that are not perceived?
Bashar reflects on why Angel Valley's large meeting tent blew down last week.
What does Bashar experience on his end during the transmissions?
What question do you wish we would ask? And what would be your answer to it?
Since all souls exist simultaneously in multiple realities, are all souls in polyamorous relationships?
Can you give your perspective on destiny and free will?
Why am I not remembering my dreams?
How can I work with my 2nd Chakra?
Questioner didn't put her name in the basket!
How do you turn around negative synchronicities?
Bashar speaks on "The Trickster" archetype.
How questioner's weight issue relates to the ET hybridization program.
How are dolphins connected to our friends in the stars?
Are the "Mothman Prophecies" real?
Can you describe the physical appearance of the beings from your civilization?

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The 33rd Parallel - Video (4 hours)

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