The 1-3-5-7-11 Download

The 1-3-5-7-11 Download

Bashar explains the main metaphysical principles that form the framework of physical reality and shares how to use them to manifest a more abundant, positive & creative life.

Q&A includes:
Who were the orange and blue beings I saw in a lucid dream?
Is my girlfriend connected to the Hybrid agenda?
Am I making a connection to Morning Star?
How can I create a sanctuary for the hybrid children?
Did Jesus visit me?
Which species altered the naturally evolving primates here on Earth and when?
Which ETs are friendly to us and which are not?
Is the hybridization agenda a hostile takeover of Earth?
What is the greatest existential threat to humans?
Who are the tall whites and why are they hugely intimidating to us?
Are there existing interstellar treaties with Earth?
What can you tell me about the Blue Avian Beings?
Was Thoth a Blue Avian?
Are abductees more sensitive to light and sound?
There was a recent discovery that many of Earth’s pyramids were covered in mica. Could you comment?
What are the sounds emanating from the Bosnian pyramids?
Could you comment on my past life involvement with sculpting the crystal skulls?
What technological devices on Earth can provide EMF shielding?
Who are the beings who have bases on Antarctica?
How can I overcome my resistance to sharing my message?
Will Saint Germain and The Violet Flame rescue America?
What do you have to say about ascension?
Will the Earth’s axis change?
Could you comment on the third episode of Washington’s vision and the future of religion?
Did I exchange bodies with someone during a parallel reality experiment?
Can I access anything in a parallel reality?
Are my parallel realities different from five years ago?
Are beliefs the mechanism that cause us to focus on a certain frame?
When we are healed by healers, does that mean our beliefs have changed?
Are twin flames real?
Could you speak on the sacred feminine?
How can we stay in a frequency of unconditional love?
What are alien implants?
Who are the entities I am channeling during my ayahuasca trip?
Am I being implanted by mantis beings?
Were there remote entities working on me during yesterday’s session?
What is going on when you say “one moment” and Darryl’s teeth click?
What is the Interstellar Alliance?
How can I help the collective release their fears?
Is it beneficial to know what my interstellar cross connections are?
Is worrying about EMF frequencies a fear-based paradigm?
What was the deeper meaning of a car accident I was involved in?
What does the number 8 symbolize?
What is the rubber band analogy?

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The 1-3-5-7-11 Download

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