Temple Days - Audio Only (1.5 hours)

An exciting Q&A Session with Bashar at this first event of 2016!
Session Date: 3.26.2016 - Los Angeles. Approx. 1.5 hours.

Q&A Includes:
• Can you help to defragment my ego?
• How can I help heal people that were traumatized?
• What is the meaning of the refugee crisis in Europe?
• Is it possible for others to channel you?
• Is there an ideal diet for humans?
• Some respected people have been saying that the Earth is flat. Can you comment?
• Are we each eternal beings?
• Do we have one life purpose or do we have many life purposes?
• Can you please talk about karma and past lives related to animals?
• What’s the history of how humanoid beings came to Earth and became ourselves?
• What other species then the Anunaki have come to Earth?
• How did the Incas cut stones and move and shape them?
• Can you give us any predictions about the future of Ascension for humans?
• Would you say that between 2025-2033 that the majority of the world will be conscious about our spiritual nature?
• Am I an old soul?
• Is there heaven and hell?
• How can we release and let go of things that no longer serves us?

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