Shards of a Shattered Mirror - Video (2 hours)

Shards of a Shattered Mirror - Video (2 hours)

In this dynamic weekend, Bashar and the Sassani begin an acceleration in the deliverance of information, as our energy unfolds and expands towards a deeper understanding within ourselves, and a greater potential for Extra Terrestrial contact.

Darryl Anka, the channel for Bashar will begin this event by reading a chapter from an upcoming book that is entitled "Shards of a Shattered Mirror." Join Bashar, parallel incarnation being Willa Hillacrissing and her mentor Holly Cotton as they further explore the concepts of parallel realities and the shattered mirror.

Q&A Includes:

What and who gave the moon the ability to affect the Earth?
Are they in the Interstellar Alliance?
How can I generate the gamma frequencies?
I’m passionate about integrating the dream and reality states. Is there another permission slip for this?
What’s the relationship to the Andromeda Galaxy?
When I change from one theme to another, I feel disoriented and discombobulated. What is happening?
Is Shards of a Shattered Mirror the same as experiencing ourselves as God?
What’s the catalyst for growth in your civilization?
What are the challenges?
What’s your perspective of the Ra materials – the “Know Yourself” idea?
What about the Wanderers?
When I feel a past life incarnation’s effects in this life, can I manifest it now?
What other incarnations has my Oversoul had?
I was taking a nap and I felt unconditional love and it was an amazing experience. Who was that?
Is there such a thing as a Zeta Seal related to when Atlantis fell?
What’s the line between self-indulgence and responsibility?
Can vampire energies steal your energy?
Can you explain the differences between Wanderers, Cryptics and Sages?
Could you speak more about the moon and the ocean?
How can I connect more with Willa Hillacrissing?
Could you tell us more about Holly Cotton?
The Elfin race in Lord of the Rings – are they a hybrid race?
I’d like to travel more. Can you assist me to get to a couple of different places?
What is turbulence in regards to physics?
How is it created in fluids?
What dimension do you exit in?
Do you communicate with others in the same way?
What’s your primary purpose?

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Shards of a Shattered Mirror - Video (2 hours)

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