Mistaken Identity - Video (2+ hours)

Mistaken Identity - Video (2+ hours)

Redefine the ideas we call "mistakes" and turn them into positive life transforming events that you can use in powerful and constructive ways.

Q&A Includes:

I was once driving in my car and ended up somewhere unexpected. Was I teleported?
Did I have a near-death experience?
Do the Orion people get nourishment from the sun?
What are the healing effects of being barefoot on earth?
Is Mount Shasta beneficial to me?
Does the universe expand out from each of us?
When will there be undeniable proof that there is ET contact?
Why were beings put here on this planet?
How can we do instant or rapid healing?
How can I change my negative beliefs?
If I really believe something, will it happen?
If someone has suffered at the hands of others, is it to learn forgiveness?
Is euthanasia or suicide a bad thing?
Is C-Sharp a tool to help us align?
What's the connection between our planets?
How do you define a soul mate?
How can we allow ourselves to have more of a dream life?
Why do we have intentions and desires?
Are the transcripts from the Roswell crash on the Internet accurate?
Do I have any hybrid children? How many?
Do they have a message for me?
Can I take a ride in your ship?
When you talk about the "Greater You" is it the higher mind or the oversoul?
Can acting in a negative way be someone's highest excitement if it has a positive influence?
How can we teach children about dealing with the consequences of their choices?

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Mistaken Identity - Video (2+ hours)

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