Masks - Audio Only (2 hours)

Masks - Audio Only (2 hours)

What if you could change your life the way you could change a mask? Your physical personality is a mask, projected by your higher mind. Bashar shares another powerful permission slip in this year of transformation, a prop to help you work from your template-level reality. Shift to your higher mind’s perspective and see how malleable your experience of reality truly is.

Session Date: June 17, 2016

Location: Los Angeles
Length: 2 hours

Q&A includes: 

• Where are the ET bases that are closest to Earth? Do we have bases off this world?

• I'm concerned about chemtrails. Is there something we humans can do about it?

• What are the ringing pitches I have been hearing in my ear?

• Do you have any mediation techniques to amplify our human condition? 

• Do you have a favorite kind or style of music from here, or a band? 

• I like many different channels and they all say the same things. Is it using the same permission slip?

• Why has my hearing gone bad at such a young age?

• Why don't I always follow my passion?

• Is the Earth hollow?

• What are scaler waves?

• Is the center of Earth made of ice?

• A minister quotes Bashar.

• Since I was a child, I’ve experienced sleep paralysis.  Can you tell me what this is?

• With the recent event in Orlando, you said that you might come closer to Earth. How does this incident affect that?

• You said that you don’t do anything that is meaningless. What if we do something that doesn’t have meaning?

• Darryl’s movie – will it give us permission to expect contact?

• My dad is dying of heart disease. Is it because he blocked that energy?

• My excitement is to heal my acne and digestive issues. How can I do it?

• How can I feel like I belong?

• I’ve started communicating with my higher self, but it’s not always clear. How can I improve it?

• I’m excited about physical shape-shifting, but when I focus on it, I stay in the same state.

• Would your people appear glowing to us?

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Masks - Audio Only (2 hours)

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