Karma - Video (2+ hours)

Karma - Video (2+ hours)

Bashar explores the concept and of what karma truly is and how to redefine our old, limiting concepts of karma, and use it as a tool to keep us in our preferred vibration.

Q&A Includes:

How can I redefine the idea that painting and writing is not an occupation that can being me money?
Could you explain what the effect of Astrology is on our lives?
How do I use Karma as a tool to find out if I'm on the right path?
Last year you spoke of 2013 as the year that would "Shake us to our core". Are we still experiencing this?
Do some of the hybrid children now have children of their own?
Is there a specific way to know if you're channeling?
I feel like I'm dipping my toes in different dimensions, I'd like to be able to hear what these other beings are trying to tell me.
Why am I choosing things I don't prefer?
Is my relationship a gift?
Or is it just annoying?
How can I still follow my chosen career I if I do not have the proper credentials?
When will we get to meet our Hybrid Children?
What is my connection with The Einstein Crystal Skull?
Recently I've been experiencing a lot of extremes. What does that polarity mean?
I grew up thinking Karma was a punishment, and now I'm afraid of it. How can I redefine that belief?
How can I stay in sync with my core?

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Karma - Video (2+ hours)

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