Dialogues with the Future Self - Video (4 hours)

Part 1: If you could talk to your idealized future self and understand how you became that person, what do you think your future self would tell you? What changes would you have to make to become your ideal self? In this session, Bashar explores the process of communicating with your future self to receive the answers and guidance you need and gives the group an assignment.

Q&A Includes:

Interactions with angels and the Essassani
Can a blind girl become sighted?
Winning the lottery
Redefining success and security
Communicating with a deceased pet
Exploring the use of psychedelics
Acting on specific excitement
Oversouls and being a good parent
Life themes people explore
The process of ascension.

Part 2: We share with Bashar the results of our conversations with our future selves and he takes us deeper, helping the group integrate what we have been shown.

Q&A Includes:

Becoming a healer
Issues around having a child
Negotiating with the ego
Will and prayer
Redefining abundance
How to change negative beliefs
Questions about dealing with a lawsuit
The difference between believing and knowing
How to say "I Love You" in the Essassani language
Having a career without guilt when you have children
A description of Essassani and planets that have atmospheres like Earth
Can life themes change?
The definition of power and excitement and cosmic fusion and more!


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