Cycles of Nine - Video (2+ hours)

Cycles of Nine - Video (2+ hours)

How the vibrational significance of the number 9 symbolizes the end of old cycles and will energetically play a role in future ET contact.

Q&A Includes:

Is the Earth splitting into two different realities?
Will money disappear on the new version of Earth?
How do I shift to a reality where I do not pay taxes?
Are we becoming one with God?
Who built Ankgor Watt?
What kind of energeti signature does a seashell have?
What kind of effect do psychedelic plants have on us?
Bashar speaks on abuse and self-respect.
How can I redefine my relationship to hair loss and my physical appearance?
How can we connect to the one-ness level?
What happened to comet ISON?

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Cycles of Nine - Video (2+ hours)

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