Tipping the Scales - Video (2+ hours)

Tipping the Scales - Video (2+ hours)

Formerly: "Crossing the Threshold and Tipping the Scales"

A deeper exploration of the higher-mind mirror, the physical mind's polarized reflections & letting go of negative definitions.

Q&A Includes:

What does the Mayan greeting "in lak esh" mean?
How does the reality we create at the individual level connect and relate to the reality created at the group level?
Does TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises in Japan) raise vibration?
The use of permissions slips and belief systems.
When talking about vibrational signatures of objects and of people, can we measure the signatures?
What is the meaning of the C# (C-sharp) frequency permission slip?
Is there an important tone or frequency that can be used in 2013?
Bashar discusses unique belief systems and how everyone's perspective is correct for them.
Am I going to have kids weather or not I use contraception?
When are we going to be physically meeting our hybrid children?
I had a vision where I pop into your planet on occasion as a scientist, please comment.
Are my hybrid children learning emotional balance?
Bashar calls up an audience member who just lost her husband earlier that day on 12/21 at 11:11 am.

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Tipping the Scales - Video (2+ hours)

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