Cosmic Awakening - Video (1.5 hours)

Cosmic Awakening - Video (1.5 hours)

January 25, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA

Bashar discusses how to balance our polarity using vibrational energy physics, and to awaken consciousness to our connection with All That Is.

Q&A Includes:

What are humans contributing to the Interstellar Alliance and what more can we give to get to the next step?
Where is your ship and can I get an invitation to go on?
What will it take for humanity to ascend into fourth density so we don't need food, sleep, etc.?
I feel limited in feelings about interfacing with mundane things.
Can you tell me about the entity who has been working with me to channel vocally?
And how many incarnations do I have here on Earth?
I channel by being an artist. I want to share that joy with you.
How did you and Darryl find each other?
What star system is the Shalanaya from?
What is prayer and how can I be a living example of Jesus?
Why do permission slips take so much time for some people but not others?
How does practicing forgiveness impact our weight?
Do you have a work schedule or an appointment book to be here with us on time?
Are you an Ambassador by order within the structure of your society?
On your craft, is there a hierarchal structure of command dynamics, like a captain or a cook?
What is the Galactic Federation?
What do you see for the future of Israel?
You said that you no longer use language in your civilization. How do you communicate individually?
How do we develop our telepathic abilities?
When was Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia constructed and what was its purpose?
I showed you a cube before and you said it has connections to Sirius. Someone recently told me he saw an image of a blue star and a lizard. Can you tell me how they relate? Some of us saw formulas through this cube. Can you tell me what they mean?
You talked about the art of synchronicity. Can you elaborate?
Can you describe the physical appearance of the beings from your civilization?

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Cosmic Awakening - Video (1.5 hours)

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