Channeling for Change - Video (1.5 hours)

Channeling for Change - Video (1.5 hours)

At this exciting Lighting in a Bottle event, Bashar discusses acting on your joy, turning a negative events into a positive, analyzing beliefs, pyramids, crystal skulls and much more. 1 hr +.

Q&A Includes:

What can we do to manifest the highest level of love as a human civilization
How to speed up spiritual growth
Existing in multiple realities at simultaneously
Question about the gulf oil gusher
Masters of limitation
Being responsible for your own life
Shifting to another parallel earth reality
Problem solving
Renewable energy
Darma vs. joy and bliss
Psychic telepathy
Shifting to a parallel reality
Jesus, Mohammad, Krishna and Buddha being car-jacked
Being in the now/negative forces
Crystal Skulls
Sustaining state of mind
Following your bliss and excitement on Essassani
Music on Essassani, mantras

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Channeling for Change - Video (1.5 hours)

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