Are You Having a Near Life Experience? - Video (2+ hours)

Are You Having a Near Life Experience? - Video (2+ hours)

December 5, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA

In these three transmissions, Bashar will prepare you with the necessary tools to navigate the period of rapid change that will occur in these next two critical years of 2015 and 2016, providing you with a link and a bridge to a new time on Earth. Use these tools to become your highest vibration!

Bashar shares a 7-part Master Tool that will empower you to live a fuller life every day of the week!

Q&A Inlcudes:

Expand on the idea of Adam and Eve?
Are most of the stories in the bible allegorical?
I had a clear dream that told me to go back to Alabama.
Do I have a contract with the Greys? Which kind? What are my options?
I have Tinnitus, a sound in my ear and I have tried everything to get rid of it. Do you have any suggestions?
Does the universe have a fractal structure?
Bashar speaks about a new entity we'll meet next year.
How can I choose between my excitements?
Is prayer is about believing that faith already exists?
I had a dream about a ship that was round and spinning and it had several rings. Were they the ones I want to have contact with?
Would it be possible for us to have a real photograph of you?
I'm hesitating to move to the U.S.
I connect with souls who have passed over. I'm working with a family here who is trying to find their loved one. How can I help them?
Does listening to meditations and recordings while you're sleeping help?
You once said that we would not annihilate ourselves through nuclear energy. Is this still true?
I'm trying to get a TV show off the ground but I'm concerned about the outcome. Is the timing right?
You said there could be multi-universes. Is that multi-dimensional?
What generates the earth's magnetic field and why do the poles drift and eventually flip? What's the duration?
Can you clarify reincarnation from the earth linear time perspective?
Could you speak on my rescue cat's erratic behavior?
I've had four alien contacts, are they all benevolent?
Dentist speaks on a quirky experience with his machinery.
I'm excited about a book that came out called "The Soul's Plan" and it talks about pre-birth planning. This idea causes me anxiety.
Do I have the ability to create things or does my higher self do it?
I'm excited about working with another healing modality called the "Emotion Code".
What can you say about the concept of removing someone's "Heart Wall" that can keep them from energetically connecting with others.

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Are You Having a Near Life Experience? - Video (2+ hours)

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