An Essassani Story - Video (2+ hours)

An Essassani Story - Video (2+ hours)

Experience Bashar like you've never seen him before. Filmed with 5 camera angles, so you feel like you are there at the event!

About events that exist within Bashar's reality and how they relate to Earth's reality. How the archetypes of stories are anchored in the framework of existence.

Q&A Includes:

How can we use story-structure to teach children?
How can I change the belief that following my excitement will be nothing but a "goose-chase"?
Do we really need to eat food?
How can I overcome my unwanted childhood memories?
How do the bible's stories relate to our human story as seen by extra-terrestrials?
What is the hidden meaning of goose-bumps?
How do ETs and films reflect the mass agreement of society?

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An Essassani Story - Video (2+ hours)

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