Amplifying First Contact - Video (3+ hours)

Amplifying First Contact - Video (3+ hours)

Bashar shares a special transmission for the European continent about first contact and magnifying the probability of disclosure on our planet. Bashar discusses ways in which people in different areas of Europe can aid, assist and promote to the world the idea of disclosing the ET contact information that many of
our governments already know about.

Q&A includes:

• Am I am ambassador for ETs?
• Can you help me work on the Philosopher's Stone?
• How can I help the people in Syria and Lebanon from over here in Europe?
• Is it a negative belief or my intuition warning me?
• Does my free will affect my other parallel incarnations?
• How can I tell if it is excitement or anxiety?
• My channeled beings don't translate. Can you help?
• How can we have our excitement last all week not just on weekends when we get together with friends?
• How can we help people who need our support?
• How do you dance in your society?
• What about music? Is it like the steel drum?
• Can you comment on Ozonated water and electrotherapy?
• Do I have a connection to Tesla?
• Does sound create mass?
• What is the speed of electrostatic potential?
• What role does macroscopic quantum tunneling play in energy reception and energy conversion?
• Do some beings have higher vibrations than humans?
• What does your normal day look like?
• How can I improve myself as a healer?
• What is the difference between our relationships to ETs in Europe or the US?
• Is there a vortex in Romania?
• What happens energetically during intercourse?
• How can I know I am in template level reality?
• What is self doubt?
• How can I get over the fear of being "crazy"?
• When I don't smoke cigarettes I have undesired effects, what can I do?
• Could you speak about having children in your civilization?
• Do we actually have a chance to change things politically?
• My mom used to tell me not to get excited all the time. How can I counteract that?
• The pineal gland, what does it do?
• Will we find something under the Sphynx?
• Is it necessary to ascend with mass consciousness?
• Who chooses our theme?
• I give breath work sessions and people see ETs. Who are the beings?
• I had a channeling experience this year and it was uncomfortable. How can I overcome this?
• Is your family crest similar to an Irish cross?
• Is the Giant Causeway connected to you?
• I have a child that is disabled and it is very challenging can you help me?
• How can the people of Europe participate in the postcard a day experiment to the government?
• How can we use sound like in chanting or singing to create physical change?
• Have you ever set foot on our planet?
• How can we reactivate our universal DNA?
• Can you share something about yourself that we are not aware of?
And more!

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Amplifying First Contact - Video (3+ hours)

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