One: A Unified Theory of Metaphysics - Video (2+ hours)

One: A Unified Theory of Metaphysics - Video (2+ hours)

Bashar announces the beginning of Darryl’s 10-week metaphysics classes in 2016 that will offer a unique opportunity to explore Bashar’s concepts with greater clarity and depth as well as how to apply metaphysics in our daily lives more effectively.

Q&A Includes:

How many people would it take on Earth to create a telepathic link?
When the hybrid children integrate can you describe the 6th hybrid race?
Can you give me an update on where my frequency is at?
I recently felt a negative energy had attached. Was it an entity?
Does Anima have anything to share with me?
The numbers 11 and 33 popup in my life daily. What does 44 and 77 mean?
How can I remove fluoride from our drinking water?
Do you have an astral audience tuning in?
I’m going to Joshua Tree. How do I open to the energies there?
How can I overcome belief systems that no longer serve me?
My friend committed suicide. How could I have helped her to prevent this?
When following your highest excitement, what do you do when people you love don’t match your frequency?
Can you talk about the Hollow Earth?
Are there Plasma beings?
Can you tell me how I’m acclimating my hybrid children to Earth?
You mentioned there might be a major terrorist attack. Was Paris that attack?
Am I genetically related to Willa Hillicrissing?
When you overlap your reality with ours, will we communicate verbally or telepathically?
Can you comment on Sea World's treatment of dolphins?
Do the Ya'yel have same sex relationships?
What do sharks represent? What do cobras signify?
How far back in my family lineage does the genetic coding and contact go?
I had a dream about Mantis type of creatures. What were they doing?
Isn’t the collective consciousness more powerful then the individual?
If I believe physical exercise is needed but I hate doing it, what should I do?
What about the pyramid artifact and the Face on Mars? Are there any other artifacts on Mars?

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One: A Unified Theory of Metaphysics - Video (2+ hours)

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