A Message from Sirius - Video (2+ hours)

A Message from Sirius - Video (2+ hours)

A higher point of view of 2013.

Q&A Includes:

What is the synchronicity of me being called to speak all three times this weekend?
Art work is a mirror.
What does humanity's crystal consist of in the contact crystal array?
What is the symbology behind Mt. Shasta?
Tuning into St. Germain, Arch Angel Michael and The Violet Flame.
Did I die in surgery and receive messages from luminescent beings?
Aren't all questions silly and foolish?
How many Sassani are listening in?
Why do we choose to believe that it is good for us to consume the flesh of other sentient beings for our survival?
How can I best serve Essassani?
About NESARA and economic systems.
How can I be more self-confident?
A very special birthday message for Yoko.
How is it that you know about books and movies on our planet?
Questioner wonders about the accuracy of books.
How can I further my connection with ancient civilizations?
Bashar explains the psychomanteum.
What is my role in the Hybrid program and silver hybrids?
I am a healer. How can I best help my patients?
Do some humans live their lives on space ships?
About 2013 and shaking.
What is a dreamer dolphin?

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A Message from Sirius - Video (2+ hours)

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