A Game of Chess - Video (4 hours)

A Game of Chess - Video (4 hours)

The connections between the various levels of consciousness, physical reality expression, and how the game of chess is played.

Q&A Includes:

Is there such a thing as soul mates?
Can you reflect on the concept of maturity?
Are fillers in vitamins harmful?
How does the mitochondrial DNA connect to the sixth generation of hybrid children?
Bashar discusses how playing cards with mom relates to other levels of reality.
Is there such a thing as negative spirits attaching themselves to someone?
If I am ready to have contact with ETs now, what difference does it matter when the collective is ready?
Can you comment on human and animal sexuality?
How common are incarnations on other planets? C
an you please expand on the nature of gravity- how to create it, handle it, harness it and manipulate it?
With our present day technology, how can we measure the locational variable of an object?
Bashar explains how their ships and disappear and reappear instantaneously.
How can I choose a vibration of harmony within my family life?
Why do I feel the vibration of Upheaval Dome more towards the top?
How can we encourage others to help raise their frequency?
If physical pain exists like an injury, does it mean that the core belief of the issue has not been addresses?
Does eating organic food help raise vibration?
Do I shift into a new body with every change?
If I have been studying metaphysics for a long time, why am I not rich?
How will I know if answers inside of me are not coming from my ego?
Will "Big Brother" prevent the hybrid children from landing?
Will our species be able to travel interdimentionally between worlds in the next 20 or 30 years?
What technology will make this travel possible?
Bashar explains why his people use spacecraft when visiting physical realities.
As time progresses to infinity, won't all the "chess moves" be played out?
Bashar speaks on "super-computers" of the future and artificial intelligence.
Does your civilization have challenges to overcome?
Can the law of attraction bring someone back into your life?
Are "signs" messages from my higher self?
Bashar explains the concept of "permission slips".
Is it possible to shift to a parallel reality and become a hybrid human now?
Bashar explains how ET contact occurs in the template reality.
Can you tell me more about the planets and beings in Orion?
How can we translate the language of the heart?
Are symptoms such as forgetting memory and ringing in the ears symptoms of ascension?
Questioner would like clarity on a near-death experience.
Could you comment more on Fibonacci spirals?

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A Game of Chess - Video (4 hours)

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