30 Days of Disclosure - Video (2 hours)

Bashar speaks about an experiment that we can participate in, that will increase the probability of disclosure, after the upcoming presidential election in the United States- a very interactive activity that will allow you to participate more directly in increasing the probability of disclosure in your society.

Q&A includes:
• I started a new meditation routine and I see a lot of changes. It seems to correlate to what is going on in the universe. Is it connected?
• My son drinks a lot of alcohol and his life is chaotic. Is there something I can do?
• What's the collective consciousness about voting every four years but why doesn't it change the systems?
• I chose to have a difficult life the first couple of decades. Why did I do that?
• My daughter is challenged in a relationship. What can I do to help?
• I feel like I'm on a precipice of something magical happening. Am I involved with the changes in the Fall of 2016?
• How can I find the ideal place to live?
• Can you speak about Tachyon energy?
• Yesterday, my best friend passed away. I felt like he chose to leave and he's enjoying his journey. Can you comment?
• Do your people breathe in the same way we do?
• Would you physiology appear really alien to us?
• Do the hybrid children cry? Can they feel sadness?
• Is the chance of a female President still 88%?
• Where does “Writers Block” come from and how do we overcome it?
• I have a partner who wants to start a family with me, but it's not my excitement. How can we find common ground?
• Do you have any advice on how to expand?

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