11-11-11 The Gateway to 2012 - Video (2+ hours)

Join us for this first stage of our transition into 2012. Bashar will act as your guide as we approach the threshhold of this earth-changing year! Features a Light Labyrinth meditation.

Includes a Light Labyrinth Guided Meditation.

Q&A Includes:

How can I overcome my physical pain?
Can we use other dimensions to get stuff done?
What am I teaching my hybrid kids?
How can I deal with my family's negativity?
How can I remember more of my dreams?
My selective memory.
What is my main life theme?
Redefining the situation in Japan.
Does an individual's energy affect others?
Do ETs form alliances?
11-11-11 Gateway and Vortices.
Are you able to see the future?
Was the Japan disaster a terror attack?
How can I deal with my loves one's death?
Where do we go when we die?
Squandering money and excitement.
Other channeled entities various viewpoints.
How can we repay you?

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